A Mother’s Heart Moved the Hand of God

That rainy night on the Zambian savannah, a mothers heart moved the hand of God. In a land laid waste by disease and drought this is an incredible story of courage, suffering, and the ultimate triumph of the power of Gods almighty love. This is the true story of an infant born in the bush of southern Zambia at the height of the worst drought in years. That tiny life was awaiting the traditional burial, lying on the chest of her mother who died during delivery. For months the claw of death would try to snatch another victim.

Through Tedd Galloways eloquent and inspiring words you will learn that:
– Gods timing is perfect, but not always understood.
– Genuine Christian love should be color-blind.
– Love is costly and can be painful.
– Every life is precious to God.
– The cost of loving does not compare to the joy that comes.

The world we live in would be different if Gods people would only look at each other through the eyes of the mother in this incredible story. Be inspired as the Body of Christ to not just talk about loving each other, but to demonstrate it.

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